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Deep-Frame Grommet Machine

The Edward Segal Inc. Model G2R-DF Grommet machine is tooled with a special deep-frame to facilitate grommet setting in the middle of oversized materials.   The special deep-frame, combined with the proven double revolution technology, is another innovative tool developed by Edward Segal Inc.  This offering is based on the G2R83 platform and comes standard with the 7” throat depth, but is also available with the 11” throat for additional clearance.  These machines offer a fast, reliable, and efficient solution to maximize the productivity for setting grommets.  Model 83 machines are semi-automatic which means the grommet is automatically fed but the washer, if used, is manually placed on the lower die.



This version includes the G2R83 double revolution machine to punch a hole in the material and then feed and set the eyelet.  Features of the G2R-DF include:




·          Overall Dimensions: 2 ½’  W X 2 ½’ D X   5 ½ ‘ H

·          Weight: Net 570 lbs, crated 770 lbs

·          Stroke: 2 ¾ ” standard (Special strokes available 2”  to 3 ½ ”)

·          Throat Depth: (center of Ram to Frame) 7 ¼ ” standard (special throat depth to 11”)

·          Motor:  1140 RPM, ¼ to ½ HP, as required

·          Flywheel Speed: 160 RPM

·          Clutch: Sliding Dog Type with Non-Repeat Device

·          Safety Device Options:

·          Ring Guard

·          Double Palm Buttons

·          Electric: 110v, 60hz, 1ph

·          Pneumatic:  50-60psi; 0.2cfm











·         Special welded deep frame to support the machine and locate the lower tool holder on a separate post for clearance to drape the material in the neck of the stand;

·         Can accommodate all standard grommet sizes to a maximum of No. 5 Plain;

·         Grommet size can easily be converted with changeover Raceway and setting tools;

·         Includes Air Blowoff to eject slug off the lower tool; and

·         Works well with a variety of industrial fabrics including vinyl, cotton, canvas (not recommended for dense nylon or other abrasive materials).